Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Recent Publications: Golf Illustrated May/June 2009

Another issue of Golf Illustrated hits the stands this month. I think this is the 6th issue that I have shot for over the past year or so, including a cover shot last year. I just got a new scanner hooked up recently, so I thought I'd start posting things that have been published on here, and I'll start with this since I just received it. These articles that I shoot for are primarily golf instruction, so the shots are correspondingly "instructiony". I have done, what I thought, were some pretty cool shots, but of course, those aren't usually the ones that get published. But, of course, they only have so much room and I'm sure that the editors know their readers are more interested in improving their golf game than looking at pretty pictures of people golfing. Maybe showing off the unchosen photos can be a blog post in the future.

P.S. I have a sneaking suspicion that the first photo of the golf ball is not mine (yes, the one directly to the right of my name!) I did have many shots of ball impact, so I first thought they had cropped in tightly on one of those. But, I don't think that he was using a driver,
which is clearly what is in the photo, so now I think it may be an impostor. But, it's interesting to look at, so until further proof has surfaced, I will include it here with this disclaimer.