Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Kenzie + Ben: Sanibel Island, FL

I had the great pleasure of meeting and shooting Kenzie and Ben last month on Sanibel Island for some beach engagement photos. Kenzie is a good friend of my fabulous cousin Jason, so I knew that Kenzie must be a genuinely wonderful person. Well, that was beyond the case and Ben was her equal counterpart in that department.

Now, shooting outdoor photos in Florida in the summer provides it's own set of challenges. From the heat/sweat, to the mosquitos, to the incessant afternoon downpours, you have to be pretty selective on when and where you are going to take the photos. We decided to hit up Sanibel beach in the morning, which was even more impressive that Kenzie and Ben agreed because they had to drive over from the east coast!

Despite all of our best intentions, it was HOT. The kind of hot where you just sweat if you think about moving. We were very lucky to get a reprieve on the rain, but we ended up with the opposite and had a blistering sun beating on us, even at that early in the morning. Most people would melt with this kind of pressure, but let me tell you, I did not hear Kenzie or Ben complain one time for the next two hours! They took the obstacles like champs and I think that their photos speak to their upbeat and easygoing nature. They were ready to try anything throughout the day and it was really a pleasure to shoot them. Here are a few of my favorites from the day.

I do realize that in this combo, it appears that Ben is staring lovingly at the tortoise. But, it is a pretty cute tortoise!

Now, this isn't a super fantastic photo, but I did happen to catch the dolphin as it's fin was breaching the surface of the water, so it gets extra cool points for that!